About Us



Hello, I'm David, Proprietor of Grove Farm Antiques, here in Norfolk, England.


A bit about me and how I came to be a Buyer and seller of Antiques and just about everything else of age and interest. I was born into a Farming Family in Norfolk and one of my earliest memories is of living in an old Farmhouse crawling amongst rooms full of antique furniture, getting close-ups of brass casters on the ends of table legs, the bottoms of Grandfather clocks and whatever else could be examined at a height of no more than  2 feet! That I am now 6' 4" is somewhat ironic, I suppose.


As time passed I began examining things at a normal height and I remember Grandmother Ellen giving me an old silver hat pin which she told me not to stick in my Sister - so I did! Perhaps it was later selling it for £3 that got me started as an Antiques Dealer.


Passing through school, I seemed destined take up a career in Farming but everytime I went near it I got a blister on my Thumb so at 18 I took a job in an Office. This was OK but I always found myself attracted to Antiques and when  once again I would  manage a decent profit on a small stuffed nine legged Piglet in a glazed case, I began taking the Trade more seriously.


How I ended up in San Francisco as an Antiques Dealer in 1990 is something for another day, but trust me it was fun and a perfect platform for gaining the knowledge I need today for selling to a wide variety of Markets Worldwide. 


I love buying antiques, I love selling antiques and I love valuing antiques. My only dislikes are trying to get heavy pieces of furniture down stairs, but where there's a will, and Kees and Frank, there's usually a way! 


So Folks, I look forward to doing business with you, be it as a Seller or a Buyer of Antiques, and do remember....I love to haggle!